Transformer Assembly, Installation & Commissioning

For any newly purchased transformer, that needs installation on your new step down transformer. FODET Techcnical services has the capability and equipment to completely assemble and install that transformer for you. We install transformer of all capacities ranging for 50KVA to 200MVA. We have option of dissembling your transformer into pieces and bring the pieces together at the point of installation.

Transformer is one of the most important components in the substation, we handle substation jobs that might be needed to ensure proper transformer operation such as:

Professional trunking, connection and termination of cables.
Extension of HV power 132KV/66KV/33KV/11KV (Underground and Overhead)

We conduct series of tests to check if your transformer is ready to be serviced:

Winding Insulation Resistance
Winding Resistance
Omicron Power Factor Test of Windings
Omicron Power Factor Test of Bushings

Core Resistance (Megger)
Transformer Turns Ratio (TTR)